Mobility Walkers

Mobility Walkers

For people with limited mobility, mobility walkers are crucial assistance because they offer a solid and supportive platform that makes it easier to walk and move around. These tools are available in a variety of forms and designs to meet varied purposes, from basic walkers to more sophisticated ones with extra functionality. Mobility walkers can give users more independence, more safety, and a higher quality of life, whether they are using them because of an injury, old age, or a medical condition.

In this article, we will present four types of mobility walkers – Standard Walkers, Two Wheels Walkers, Knee Walkers, and Walkers with Seat – to help you choose the best option for your needs.

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Different Types Of Walkers

There are four different types of walkers. Standard walker, two wheels walker, knee walker and mobility walker with seat.

Standard Walkers

Standard walkers are a popular choice for individuals who require additional support while walking. They feature four legs and no wheels, providing a stable base for the user to lean on. Regular walkers are adjustable in height to fit the user’s needs and are typically made of lightweight aluminum. Standard walkers are the simpler and cheaper ones. It demands more energy per step to use it since it doesn’t have wheels.

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Two Wheels Walkers

Two wheels walkers, also known as rollators, provide a more mobile option for users who need extra support while walking. They feature two front wheels and two back legs with rubber tips for stability. Some of these walkers have a built-in seat and a storage compartment for convenience. Wheeled walkers provide support, and thanks to their wheels make them slightly more mobile and easier to push around.

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Knee Walkers

A knee walker, also called knee scooter, is a three or four wheeled device that helps patients recovering from an ankle or leg injury. Knee walkers offer a convenient, quick alternative to crutches, making them a perfect choice for individuals recovering from foot surgery, fractures, strains, and other lower leg injuries.

Knee walkers are easy to adjust, without tools, according to your needs, which allows you to improve your maneuverability. These devices are equipped with double hand brakes as standard, providing added security, a seat for your knee or sit, and they fold down for easy storage and transportation.

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Walkers With Seat

A walker with seat comes with wheels and breaks, and is the best option if you want to take a break during you walks. They feature four legs, two front wheels and a seat. Most models of walkers with seat are easy to fold down for transportation and storage.

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