Three Wheels Rollators

A three wheeled rollator or triangle walker, also called 3-wheeler, require little room and is generally easier to maneuver, having a single front
wheel and two rear wheels. Triangle walkers are an ideal mobility aid for individuals living with chronic conditions or restricted mobility, because three-wheel walkers are light weight, easy to fold or collapse down for storage and transport in a trunk or behing the seat of your vehicle.

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Some older adults find a 3-wheeled rollator slightly more maneuverable than a rolling-chair walker, and it is easier to use in smaller spaces. We would recommend rolling-wheel walkers most of the time, since they are more stable, having the seat is a convenience, and we have not noticed them being less maneuverable.

What is the difference between walkers and rollators?

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Three Wheels Rollators And Accessories On Amazon

Here is a large Amazon three wheels rollators and accessories list made from different materials, so you can pick and choose whichever style suits you the most.