Powered Wheelchairs

Powered Wheelchairs

A battery powered wheelchair is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and function, allowing you to enjoy well-balanced movement and independence. A heavy-duty power wheelchair should last years, and allow you to travel as far as you need to go in an unassailable ride.

Heavy-duty power wheelchairs also feature larger wheels, motors, and frames, which allows them to traverse outdoors with ease thanks to superior strength and grip. Power wheelchairs (also known as powered chairs or motorized wheelchairs) provide outstanding mobility inside and outside your home. A power wheelchair is different than a traditional mobility scooter in that you only need one hand to operate a power wheelchair, while an electric scooter typically requires both hands for safe operation.

These wheelchairs are controlled via joysticks, requiring no upper-body strength. The driving wheel can be located at the front, center, or back of the chair. Larger, wider wheels and axles will move better through uneven terrain, making for smoother riding. Some motorized lightweight wheelchairs fold up or break down to facilitate transport, and the heavier pieces generally weigh between 35 pounds and 45 pounds.

Comfort and function are just as important for users as mobility – particularly because most users of motorized wheelchairs depend on their devices for most of their day.

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Powered Wheelchairs Amazon

Here is a large Amazon powered wheelchairs selection made from different types of materials, so you can pick and choose whichever style suits you the most.