Mobility Scooters

Different Types Of Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are small vehicles with three or four wheels, similar to wheelchairs, but with an electric engine, seat and steering wheel. They are mainly designed for people with disabilities who can’t walk for long distances. There are different types of electric scooters for adults.

In this article you’ll find all the types of mobility scooters available.

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Three Wheels Scooters

Three wheeled electric scooters are scooter with three wheels cheaper than a regular four wheeled mobility scooter but less stable. A three wheels scooter is better for small indoors because of its compact size, and easier to turn thanks to its single front wheel.

A three wheel electric scooter with seat is a great option if your mobility needs require you to have a scooter you can use indoors as well as outdoors.

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Four Wheels Scooters

Four wheeled electric scooters are more stable and bigger than a three wheel mobility scooter.

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Portable Mobility Scooters For Adults

A portable mobility scooter is your best and compact option if you want to travel, and still have the mobility benefits of your device.

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Two Seater Scooters

If you like to go out with your loved ones, 2 seat mobility scooters are your best option.

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