How To Use A Walking Stick?

How To Use A Cane Correctly?

Whether you need a cane on a permanent basis or you are experiencing loss of mobility after surgery, knowing how to properly use it is vital.

The proper way to use a walking cane requires you to pick it up, place it in front of you and help support your body weight with your arm as you move. Step with your injured foot and the cane forward together. Using your strong foot as a support will allow you to move your weaker foot and cane forward at the same time. When using a cane, keep your back as straight as possible, being careful not to lean too far to one side or too far forward as you put your weight on the cane.

In other words, simultaneously move the stick forward to be able to adequately assist you when you are about to transfer your weight to the injured or problematic leg.

What Side Do You Use A Cane On?

Using a cane in the wrong way might affect your health instead of help you. That’s why is so important to know which side to use a walking cane on.

Do not hold the cane with the wrong hand when walking; you should always keep the cane on the other side of the wound. Using the cane on the opposite side of the injury allows you to shift more weight to the stronger side.

In short, to use a cane properly, you must first hold it on the side of the “good” leg (opposite the leg that needs support). Using a walking cane in this way gives you stability while walking and reduces pressure on the injured side.

A walking stick can improve your balance while walking or help you compensate for an injury or disability. When walking on a level surface, move the cane while stepping forward with your weak or injured leg. The club should move an average of one step forward with each movement. So, when walking on a flat surface, you should push the stick forward synchronously with the “sick” leg, transferring weight to it as necessary.

How To Walk Up Stairs With A Cane?

When climbing stairs, it’s really important to take your time, and watch your steps. If you have a handrail, place the cane on the oposite side. Always climb with your stronger leg first. For this, support your weak leg with with your cane while you bring your strong leg up. Then with your weak or injured leg, using the stick to help you up.

How To Walk Down The Stairs With A Cane?

To go down stairs, the cane will go on the oposite side of the handrail (if there is one). In this case, the cane will be on the weak or injured leg side. As we go down, lead with your weak leg, always together with the cane. Holding the handrail, cane down first, followed by your weak leg, then your good leg.

How To Walk On Crutches?

Before using walking crutches, it’s always good to have a doctor’s recommendation, to know how much weight your injured leg can take.

To start walking with crutches, make sure the body, the padding at the top and handle, and the tip or ferrule at the bottom part are in good condition. Make sure all the nuts are tight.

We are going to bring our crutches forward first, followed by swing our injured leg, then take a step with our good foot. Start with small steps until you get comfortable with the technnique. Always keep your injured foot off the ground.

How To Adjust Crutches To Your Height?

It’s so important to know how to adjust crutches before we use them, to avoid injuries and pain in oher parts of our body.

Make sure there is a 5 centimeters space between your armpit and the padding at the top of the crutches. Place your wrist at the same level of the handle, so when you hold it, your elbow is slighty bent. The bottom of the crutches should be placed 8 to 10 centimeters out from your good foot, to allow our hips to pass between them.

How To Walk With One Crutch?

Walking with one crutch and having a free hand could be more comfortable than walking with two. Once you have been using two crutches, and your bad foot is getting better, you will be able walk using only one. When using a crutch, there is inevitably a bit more weight on the injured leg since you are not putting all of your weight on the crutches themselves.

We will use the crutch on the opposite side of our injury. To be able to take weight off from our bad leg. To walk, simply follow the crutch with our injured leg, then our good leg. Take small steps, until you feel confident enough.

Crutch Tips

  • Check crutches condition.
  • Check nuts, can get loose after every use.
  • Avoid wet surfaces.
  • Take small steps.
  • Use a backpack or pockets to carry items.
  • Do not lean your armpits onto the top of the pads, this can cause nerve damage, numbness and tingling to your arms.
  • Add extra cushion for more comfort.

How Much Do Crutches Cost?

Cost of crutches depends on material, style, desing and brand.

Price of crutches start from $20 to $400, or more.

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