How To Choose A Walking Stick?

This article will look at some of the reasons why walking with a stick can be useful, explain the different types, and help you choosing the right walking stick for you or your loved one needs.

Choosing A Walking Cane

Our guide will help you to determine which stick is the best option for you. We have a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect cane. There are many walking sticks that come in many shapes, sizes and styles.

We need to be specific about what we are looking for, not only to buy something valuable and durable, but also to make sure that we have reached our goal of safety, comfort and maximum help that our cane can give us.

What Type Of Walking Stick Is Best?

This is a hard question to answer. First of all, you need to find a stick suitable for your condition. It can be for extra support, rehabilitation, sports, etc. There are many different types of walking canes you can use, depending on the situation and your needs.

Walking Cane Material

There are walking sticks made of alluminum, metal, fiber, and other materials, but most of them are made from different types of wood.

Best Wood For A Walking Stick

  • Hazel
  • Rosewood
  • Bamboo
  • Ash Wood
  • Beech Wood
  • Chestnut
  • Oak Wood
  • Maple
  • Blackthorn

More detailed information on our best wood for walking sticks guide.

Handles For Canes

Walking canes handles are made from wood, metal, plastic, horn, bones and other minerals like silver, gold, alabaster, etc.

To choose the right type of rod handle, consider how and when you will use the rod and what matters most to you. Make sure you choose a handle that fits for the size of you hand, big enough to have good grip, even more if you are using a stick all day, to avoid sores or pain on your hand.

Most Popular Walking Stick Handles

All the handles and more information on our handles types section.

Different Types Of Walking Sticks

Today there are many walking sticks types that come in different shapes and forms. It is important to choose the right cane for your needs. There are sticks to add extra support, stability and confidence, to help you to recover after a injury or surgery, increase your endurance when doing trekking, or simply add some extra style to your outfit.

Everyday Walking Sticks

  • Walking Sticks
  • Walking Canes
  • Folding Canes
  • Adjustable Canes

Sport Walking Sticks

  • Walking Staffs
  • Trekking Poles
  • Hiking Sticks

Mobility Aids

  • Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Quad Canes
  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility Scooters


  • Custom Walking Sticks
  • Antique Walking Sticks
  • Vintage Walking Sticks
  • Umbrella Walking Sticks

How Tall Should Walking Sticks Be?

Walking canes are produced in different heights, weights and shapes to meet the serious needs of mobility, balance and comfort for those who need them. Before you begin using your walking stick, it is essential that you measure it so you find your correct height, and the right length for you.

To measure your walking stick, the top of the handle should be level with the wrist when the arm should be naturally hanging by your side. This is the optimal height for a walking stick. By doing this, you can be sure that the walking stick is at the ideal height for you to use it both safely and pleasantly. Stand straight with your arms at your sides to establish the ideal height for a walking stick. Have the distance between the ground and the crease in your wrist measured. This is about the length that your walking stick should be.

The majority of walking sticks can also be shortened to a different height by being cut to the proper length. Before doing so, it is advised to speak with a healthcare provider or physical therapist because they might have personalized advice for you. It’s also important to note that certain walking sticks have adjustable lengths like trekking poles, allowing you to customize them to your height. Always go with a walking stick that may be altered to suit your requirements.

Walking Stick Measurements

A good method to find this out is by standing and holding your stick by your side. To find out the proper walking stick height for you, measure from the base of the wrist bone (where your knuckles are) all the way down to the floor. Adjust your sticks length to have the top of the stick on the same level as the bump on the bottom of your wrist bone.

These are the approximate measurements for walking sticks. We recommend to check yourself before you get one.

If you cannot reach your ideal height using a height-adjustable walking stick, you could choose a wooden walking stick, which you can adjust by sawing off the bottom.

If you are walking with a cane, consult your physical therapist to ensure that the height of the cane is appropriate, and you are using it correctly. Check out our How to use a walking stick guide.

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