Folding Wheelchairs

Folding Wheelchairs

Lightweight folding wheelchairs are a new normal within the wheelchair community, foldable, light frames are becoming extremely popular among wheelchair users, who would rather have access to a light wheelchair which also can fold, to increase their mobility, as well as increase their daily activities.

Unlike most wheelchair wheels, fold-flat wheels usually fold down in overhead compartments during flights. Lightweight folding wheelchairs typically feature very lightweight frames, which are completed by a folding feature, which involves folding the seat and components of the wheelchair into a compact form which can be stored in a vehicles trunk, for instance, or in storage.

Folding manual wheelchairs traditionally are of the cross-braced,X type of design, with the frame folded in half, with the sides of the wheelchair folded up. Folding frames with the cross-brace design, have by design multiple moving parts that enable folding the chair.

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Foldable Wheelchairs Amazon

Here is a large Amazon folding wheelchairs selection made from different types of materials, so you can pick and choose whichever style suits you the most.