Derby Handle Canes

What Is A Derby Cane?

Derby handles are one of the most popular handles for walking sticks. They appear equally at home in a formal setting, the great outdoors, and on the high street. The unusual hook at the end of the handle is what makes a Derby cane unique. They come in a variety of patterns and finishes and are constructed from a number of materials. They are very much liked because of how elegant and useful they are.

The Derby cane can be simply hung over your elbow or the edge of a table using the small hook on the end of the handle, giving you complete use of your hands. The sticks carry the user’s weight straight across the shaft and provide excellent support and balance.

We can find derby handle walking sticks made from different materials, and styles, such regular ones and folding.

Derby Canes Amazon

Here is a large Amazon derby handle sticks selection made from different materials and accessories, so you can pick and choose whichever style suits you the most.