Benefits Of Using A Walking Stick

How Do Walking Sticks Help?

First and foremost, the stick helps to support your knees and back while walking or hiking. Using a walking stick helps you utilize frequently unused parts of your body while walking, giving you more complete exercise. By taking time out of your day to decrease your pain using a walking stick, you will increase both quality and speed of your recovery, as well as strengthen the upper body to develop stronger arms and shoulders.

In some situations, using a walking stick may be an ideal solution to help with balance, increase your mobility, and also help to increase your confidence and the freedom to handle your walking abilities. One of the best reasons to begin using a cane is to reduce your chances of falling or experiencing pain when you are walking.

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How To Use A Walking Stick?

Using a walking stick requires picking up the stick, placing it in front of you, and helping to bear your weight in the hands while moving. Instead of having all of your weight falling onto your back, hips, and knees, a walking stick shifts some of the weight off of your back and lower body and supports it with your arms and the stick itself.

Not using a walking stick in the right way can cause more pain, make your injury last longer and have more chances to fall. Learn more about how to use it properly in our how to use a walking stick guide.

Do Walking Sticks Help With Balance?

Walking sticks and other mobility aids defnitely help with balance. This is one of the main reasons why people are using them.

There are different types of walking sticks made for people who is concerned about falling, to help them stabilize your body and decrease your risk of falling or sliding.

If you are currently having difficulty getting around or staying upright, a walking cane could be helpful in improving mobility and stability. A walking cane can be an excellent investment, whether you are looking to get one to help you get over an injury, improve your mobility, or to give yourself a better workout. You will be able to lean onto the cane to walk while standing, which allows you to spend more time on your feet without tiring out.

If you want to know more, check our walking sticks for balance section.

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Does Using A Walker Help With Back Pain?

If you are experiencing pain in your back, canes and walkers are an ideal option for helping to heal and restore your mobility. Using a walking stick for back pain will help.

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One of the benefits of using walking sticks or walker while suffering from a bad back, is to not put too much weight or stress on your back, instead it is transferred into the stick. Using a walker is just one of the many options that can help you remain mobile as you recover from your back pain.

A cane is best if your pain is mostly one-sided, though you can use one in each hand if you want. If the pain or weakness is mostly on the left side of your body, the cane goes in your right hand.

Can Using A Walking Stick Cause Back Pain?

As we said before, using a walking stick in the wrong way can cause back pain, and affect other parts of the body too.

If we decide to use sticks to walk, we should know the proper way to use it.

What Are The Benefits Of Walking Sticks For Exercise?

Knowing that walking is the best to keep our body healthy, the most common way to use sticks for exercise is when we want to do outdoor walking with poles.

If we talk about hiking or trekking, an extra support can be so beneficial for you.

Nordic walking is one of the most recommended walking with walking sticks technique. This technique involves two poles designed for working your upper body as you walk, which is not possible in a non-stick type of exercise.

Benefits Of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking enhances aerobic conditioning, builds general muscular strength, decreases joint stress, and contributes to coordination and endurance. By using nordic walk sticks at the speed you normally walk, you are increasing the training session without going any faster.


The walking sticks are helpful in improving your general balance and support, while benefiting multiple different areas of your body.

You can start using a cane anytime you need a little added stability when walking, whether you are walking to the mall, or simply going to the mailbox.

A walking stick has encouraged many individuals who used canes to stand upright, maintain a better walking posture, and walk in more natural strides (within limits for conditions that require an assistance device).

So, we can say that the most important walking with sticks benefits are balance, better posture, more confidence, and also exercise your body.

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