Accessories For Mobility Aids

There are many accessories we can add to our mobility aids or sticks to carry with us. Different accessories and tools will make our canes, walkers, wheelchairs better, and help us with our needs.

Ferrules, wrist straps, holders, racks, stands, baskets, bags, sits, trays, cup holders and many gadgets more.

Choosing the right accessory for your mobility aid, can make your walking and life easier, provide more comfort and confidence.


What is a Ferrule?

Ferrules are the bottom part of the walking stick. Ferrules come in many sizes and shapes, made from different materials. Protects the sticks from the impact with the ground and improves your grip. Ferrules should be regulary replaced, depending on the use you give to your walking stick. Check all the different ferrules in this section.

  • Rubber Ferrules
  • Metal Ferrules
  • Aluminum Ferrules
  • Flexible Ferrules

Wrist Straps for Walking Sticks

A walking stick wrist strap is a really useful accessory to keep your cane near you, and don’t let it fall down. Perfect for when you need to use two hands. A cane wrist strap is made from different materials such as leather, suede, and come in many colours.

  • Walking Stick Strap Leather
  • Walking Stick Strap Suede
  • Walking Stick Strap Elastic

How To Use A Wrist Strap For A Cane?

There are different models of wrist strap. To install a regular one, remove the ferrule or bottom part to be able to slide the stripe on the cane. Place your ferrule back, bring the strap to the bottom of the handle and it’s ready to use.

Cane Holder

A walking cane holder is a device that is attached to your stick, and helps keeping it upright. I can be placed on tables, your mobility scooter, wheelchairs, against the wall and more. A cane holder will not let your stick slip and fall.

  • Cane holder for table
  • Cane holder for walker
  • Cane holder for scooter
  • Cane holder for wheelchair

Walking stick holders are made from strong plastic and different types of wood such as oak, walnut, ebony, rosewood, and more.

Walking Cane Carry Bags

It is important to have a bag or a cover for your walking cane. To protect your stick or cane while traveling, or simply store it at home, we recommend having a bag, or a cane rack.

Walking Sticks Racks

To keep your stick safe at home, walking cane stands are your best option. Most stands are made from wood and come in different designs.

Gadgets for Walking Canes

You can add unique gadgets to your stick to customize it, and use them for many purposes. From flashlights to help you in a dark place, to self defense tools.

Best Gadgets for Walking Sticks

  • Flashlight
  • Laser
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Clock
  • Zap Stun Gun